The Students Open Source Conference, sosconf for short, is the first non-profit community global open source technology summit organized by students and serves students. With open source as its core concept, the sosconf helps fulfill our promise that more and more students will learn Open Source and participate in open source projects. We sincerely hope that through the summit events students can gain practice experience and pleasure in their open source adventures. The summit is annually held in different cities in different countries and most of the participants, including presenters, organizers, volunteers and audience are students (ranging from middle school students to graduate and doctorial students). Presenter and volunteer positions are open to students only.

The sosconf was originally SOSCON, held in Chongqing in 2018. The first sosconf in 2019 will mark the beginning of the sosconf as a global students open source summit planned to be held in versions of local languages in different countries. The sosconf 2019, namely the first global Students Open Source Conference will be held in late August 2019 in University of Southern California, USA. Please follow the official website for updated information.

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