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List of Events

Here is a list of event, includes speaker session and other intermediate slots (e.g. lunch):

Build a JAMStack Blog System with GatsbyJS

If you are new to the idea of JAMStack, GatsbyJS would be absolutely one of the easiest way to start the JAMStack Project. Using GatsbyJS, developers can enjoy the modern web tech without headache. The ecosystem of GatsbyJS is so awesome, you can easily install the plugins, try a different starter.

React, Webpack, GraphQL, Babel are all set up and can be easily configured. If you would like to build a 10x faster website while using less bandwidth (static files), than GatsbyJS should be one of your considerations.

How we started an open source APM project and troubleshooting with it

NAVER (since 1999) started out as a search engine, became South Korea's largest one, and is now a well-known global ICT brand providing services such as Naver Pay, Cryptocurrency (LINK), LINE messenger, SNOW, V Live, NAVER WEBTOON and more...

Pinpoint is currently one of the most used APM around the globe. NAVER is using Pinpoint to monitor most of the service applications.

This talk will cover why we've started developing an APM(Pinpoint) rather than buying one and eventually Open-Sourced it.

Git Time Travellers

Changing the history of a Git repository is something you typically don't (want to) do. But what if you get the task to make your closed source applications open source? That's exactly how we spent our summer. In this talk we will share our adventure in changing history. We'll be going over our initial approach, the rough way, and the more elegant way. We'll gladly share the pitfalls both foreseen and unforeseen we came across and how we resolved them.

Memory Forensics 101

This talk will be about what memory forensics is, who would be encountering, why and when we need to dig in the memory. Following with showcase of one of the most robust memory forensics toolkit - volatility framework. Participant would expect after some introductory slides, live demo (mainly command line interface) would take place. Though it is not necessary, it is encouraged that participant would bring their own laptop to follow the demo if they wish to.

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