List of Events

Here is a list of event, includes speaker session and other intermediate slots (e.g. lunch):

Write and enforce fine-grained application permissions using Policy-as-Code with Cedar

Cedar is an open-source language and software development kit (SDK) for writing and enforcing authorization policies for your applications.  Using Cedar, you can express fine-grained permissions as easy-to-understand policies enforced in your applications, allowing you to decouple access control from your application logic. In this session, we will introduce the core concepts behind the Cedar policy language and authorization engine, as well as how you can leverage this open source project to add access control into your applications.

Platform engineering with Django

Platform engineering, also known as an "Internal Developer Platform" aims to provide developers with a seamless and efficient environment to manage the entire lifecycle of an application. Django, a popular open-source web framework, is known for its rapid development capabilities and clean, pragmatic design. By leveraging its built-in features, one can expedite the process of developing platform engineering solutions. In this session, I will share my experience using Django for platform engineering at an AI company.

COSCUP Booth Team Journey

The COSCUP Booth Team is a newly established group this year, primarily responsible for setting up booths in various locations. You may wonder why this group was specifically formed and what it has accomplished since its establishment.

In this session, I will share the reasons behind my decision to establish this group, as well as the activities undertaken after its formation and the impact it has had on COSCUP.

How to Implement an Email Subscription and Delivery System - Using COSCUP Newsletter Subscription as an Example

This session will guide you through the process of building a comprehensive email subscription and delivery system, starting from domain and email configuration. We will discuss how to establish a subscription system, verify unique accounts, effectively manage subscriber lists, set up email tracking, create email templates, perform bulk sending, and avoid bouncebacks and related issues.

Imagine a Decentralized Social Internet: AT Protocol, Farcaster, and Beyond

Ka-Cheong, the Director of Internet Society Hong Kong and an open-source contributor to AT Protocol and Farcaster, leads a discussion on the future of a decentralized social internet. Explore how these emerging protocols could replace traditional, capitalistic social networks like Twitter, and delve into the possibilities, challenges, and implications of such a transformation.

Key Topics:

How to build a powerful AI VR Virtual Assistant with AWS AL/ML service and OpenAI?

AWS AI Assistant is a serverless applications and integrates most of the AWS AI/ML services and Open AI.
The most popular tech news in 2023 is the raise of generative AI with Large language models. With those powerful pre-built model or AI API, we can build a very powerful virtual assistant with the combination and integration of all AWS AI/ML services with OpenAI API or Hugging Face pre-trained model. For my use case, I hope my students learn and use AI but I do want to have certain control and monitoring. So, we want to make it fun and powerful for my students.

Innovate with Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) Spatial Data

The Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) is a key initiative under the Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong. The CSDI portal launched by the Development Bureau (DEVB) provides a map-based digital infrastructure as a one-stop platform to open and share spatial data. By allowing members of the public to search, view and download various kinds of spatial data from the portal, a wide range of possibilities for application development will be opened, the digital economy boosted and quality of life improved.

How I make a podcast website using serverless technology in 2023

In 2022, I launched a Kotlin podcast show, Kotlin Fireside Chat, with my friends in Kotlin User Group. Now, we're taking things to the next level by building a podcast website with a statistical analysis dashboard. We've built a static website using Jamstack and connected it to a serverless API written in Kotlin. In order to aggregate the listener number across platforms, such as YouTube, BiliBili, Ximalaya, Lizhi, Qingting, we've also created a crawler to grab those numbers and display them in a custom dashboard.

Interesting cases and tips in 2 years of Postgres experience

I want to talk about some interesting cases and tips that I met when using Postgres in my daily job, which are topics general enough that most developer may also meet in their daily jobs (even for non-Postgres developers).

  • Why LIMIT 1 is MUCH SLOWER than LIMIT 100?
  • What's wrong with JSONB? (hint: it's TOO robust)
  • Efficient query using LATERAL subquery (from 8s to 0.08s)

How to use verilator

There are many different kinds of programming paradigm such as high-level coding and low-level coding. Verilog is another kind of paradigm, this talk will bring an introduction how coding in Verilog looks like and help audiences to jump start on it.

(廣東話) Programming 有幾種係人都feel到唔同嘅大,例如high level programming就同low level programming好唔同。而Verilog又係另一種好唔同嘅編程範式,希望係呢個talk為大家介紹同埋幫大家極速起手。

(書面語) Programming有兩大範式 : 高級語言(python/java)和底級語言(assembly), 而verilog是有別於以上兩大類的另一編程範式, 希望係此演講為大家介紹和令大家起步編寫verilog。