List of Events

Here is a list of event, includes speaker session and other intermediate slots (e.g. lunch):

Moving from the PM,PC to the Public Money, Public Transparent Digital Service(PMPTDS): what went wrong and how could we improve it?

PMPC(Public Money, Public Code) is a concept promoted by EU since 2017. Which is a good for promoting the free/open-source culture, yet still leave some pitfalls which might be used to underturn the original ideal if not executed carefully. This talk gives a brief introduction of PMPC, followed by reviewing certain failed cases in Taiwan in the past 20 years and what still going wrong right now.

Practical Tactics for Optimizing JVM Docker Images for Enhanced Efficiency, Performance, and Better Developer Experience

While writing a Dockerfile is easier than ever (AI can help you generate a sample in a second!), but the resulting images might not be good enough. In this talk, we will discover a comprehensive guide to optimizing Docker images for JVM applications. Learn a series of tactics to reduce image size, speed up build time, and enhance overall performance and developer experience. We will illustrate the performance improvements achieved by applying these tactics to commonly used web frameworks. Additionally, we will explore the use of Gradle plugins to streamline the optimization process.

Refining Data Structure & Algorithm Implementations in the Linux Kernel for Improved Performance

The library code of the Linux kernel contains numerous fundamental data structures and algorithms, mostly located in the lib/ directory. These have been refined by many skilled developers, resulting in highly efficient implementations. However, further optimization possibilities remain. This talk introduces how data structures and algorithms used in the Linux kernel are implemented, along with recent optimization contributions made to the Linux kernel.