List of Events

Here is a list of event, includes speaker session and other intermediate slots (e.g. lunch):

Plant Identification System with AI + AR

A smart flower atlas, built on open source image recognition systems,
powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies.

We’ve done real-time identification mobile apps on iOS and Android,
without ever taking a picture. We continue to collaborate with
specialists to improve the system.

This project won 2018 g0v Civic Tech Grant. Landing page:

Ice-cream robot: creating QR code ice-cream coupons with GravityForms (and minimum coding)

IoT is the tread of modern living. Every machine we work with, has the tenancy to get connected to the internet for centralized processing and functionality enhancement. System design and architecture, with evolvement of tool sets, has become an independent skill regardless of programming language. The author here presents the ROBI3 the ice-cream robot (which participants would experience it just below the conference venue) how she managed to link up the its QR code couponing with Gravity Form, one of the most popular plugin for WordPress with minimum coding.

OpenFaaS vs Fission: Our experiences building a serverless platform for app development

In the midst of revamping Skygear to improve the developer experience of cloud functions deployment, we’ve studied a few existing open source cloud functions solutions and we came down to the final two: OpenFaaS and Fission. In the talk, we will compare the two and share our experiences building an open source server-less platform.

From the community, For the community: What is Open Culture Foundation?

The organization of open source events in Taiwan can be attributed to the volunteers and resources from local communities. While preparing for these events, what are the difficulties "community member" might encounter? And how did local communities overcome these difficulties by establishing a "legal entity" and providing administrative support for more than 20 open source communities in Taiwan?