List of Events

Here is a list of event, includes speaker session and other intermediate slots (e.g. lunch):

Performance & Troubleshooting for MySQL

Developers like to see in-&-out of Database Operation.  There are SQL based performance or Server based performance.   The session aims to share insight about how we can improve MySQL Performance from SQL and also with the Server based configuration.   Configurations could be due to deployment scenario such as using traditional Replication or MySQL InnoDB Cluster.  Troubleshooting is one obvious topic to look into the issues with MySQL.  The session will also share the experience with tools or logs to watch out for.

Hedy: Multi-lingual programming for education

When kids learn to program they often use either a visual language like Scratch, or a textual language like Python. While visual languages are great for the first steps, children and educators often want to move on to textual languages. However, early on, a textual language and its error messages can be scary. Hedy aims bridge this gap with a programming language that is gradual, using different language levels.

In level 1, there is hardly any syntax at all; printing is done with: print hello Open Source Hong Kong!

Beyond Software Defenses: Unveiling the Power of Pointer Authentication and Branch Target Identification

Arm Pointer Authentication (PAuth) and Branch Target Identification (BTI) are hardware-assisted protections against control-flow integrity attacks. Widely deployed in architectures of major System-on-Chip vendors, these technologies play a critical role in raising the bar against software exploitation.

In this talk, we will explore PAuth and BTI, focusing on their implementation and effectiveness.

Zoraxy - A reverse proxy server for networking noobs

In this sharing sessions, I will talk about the development and usage of Zoraxy, one of my open source projects that I am using as an NPM (nginx proxy manager) replacement. Zoraxy provide an easy to use & fast to deploy reverse proxy server for networking noobs with tons of handful utilities to help manage your homelab. I will share a bit on how the features in Zoraxy can help you build a geologically distributed web services, proxying request across nodes using ZeroTier UI in Zoraxy as well as some basic ideas of subdomain & TLS SNI.

Why Rust might change things for the better!

In the talk, I would like to share my experience as a beginner in Rust programming language. The talk will have a walkthrough for getting someone kickstarted with Rust. Once the walkthrough is complete, the talk will discuss some of the quick applications where we can explore the question: Can Rust bring performance benefits? The experiments will explore Python and other programming languages, and using Rust within existing projects written in these languages.

Start using the Kubernetes Gateway API now rather than Ingress

Have you been struggling to set up network load balancing and managing web traffic in Kubernetes?

The Ingress API in Kubernetes seems to be too basic and not expressive enough to help you accomplish what you need. You may end up with many downstream implementation details in your configuration that are not portable. It gets even more complicated when you have developers, operators and network engineers working on the same shared configuration.