Arnt Gulbrandsen

Arnt Gulbrandsen is Senior UA Technology Engineer at ICANN, which is to say, he manages no one, talks about universal acceptance to anyone who’ll listen and contributes code to make it happen. At the moment Arnt has pull requests outstanding for Firefox, the Python and Ruby standard libraries, and more. In the past, Arnt has written about ten RFCs about the DNS and email and worked as a contractor and in various startups, the most well-known probably being You have probably used some of his code today.


Authgear is an open-source auth-as-a-service solution for consumer-facing web and mobile applications created by Oursky. Authgear is developer-friendly with opinionated defaults that help developers improve the security of their apps by easily enabling 2FA, session management, and passwordless login out of the box. The ideal solution for businesses to unify the authentication experience across multiple platforms with simple integration.

Ka Ka Leung

Ms. Ka Ka Leung is a cloud enthusiast who is always eager to learn and grow. She cheerful and passionate about cloud technology and am excited to be a part of this field.

Flora Xu

Ms. Flora Xu is passionate about communication and strive for technical excellence. She is always eager to learn and grow in IT field. I love what I do and am committed to delivering the best results.


HKT is a technology, media, and telecommunication leader with more than 150 years of history in Hong Kong. As the city’s true 5G provider, HKT connects businesses and people locally and globally. Our end-to-end enterprise solutions make us a market-leading digital transformation partner of choice for businesses; whereas our comprehensive mobile communication and smart living offerings enrich people‘s lives and cater for their diverse needs for work, entertainment, education, well-being, and even a sustainable low-carbon lifestyle.

Google Cloud

Find out how computing power delivered everywhere, for everyone, is transforming business with Google Cloud, Google Workspace, Google Maps API, and Chrome & Android devices. Learn more about our Cloud Customer Care Portfolio that can flex and grow with your business →

Why Rust might change things for the better!

In the talk, I would like to share my experience as a beginner in Rust programming language. The talk will have a walkthrough for getting someone kickstarted with Rust. Once the walkthrough is complete, the talk will discuss some of the quick applications where we can explore the question: Can Rust bring performance benefits? The experiments will explore Python and other programming languages, and using Rust within existing projects written in these languages.