Charles K Kao Auditorium

List of Events

Here is a list of event, includes speaker session and other intermediate slots (e.g. lunch):

From 0 To 1, HK01 Internet Transformation With Open Source

HK01 is a well-known digital media company, but we are building something different currently. Our data driven jobs are powered by Kafka + Spark + TensorFlow. We runs 50+ micro services on Kubernetes. HK01 app is one of the earliest Apps of the world which fully build on ReactNative.

This talk will cover why and how open source helps us on both technical and mindset parts, while doing our Internet transformation.

Blockchain Scalability solutions - How to build decentralized exchanges

One of the main challenges for widespread adoption of blockchain technology is scalability. In this session, Lio will share insights of a decentralized exchange project Enuma is working on, which recently received an Ethereum Foundation grant for tackling scalability issue.

The current system of centralized exchanges and decentralized platforms has inherent weaknesses which limit its potential to service the rapidly developing cryptocurrency market. These weaknesses are also a hindrance to widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency as an asset class.

Maintaining Open Source While Maintaining Your Sanity

Maintaining open source projects can be hard. Between the haters, noobs and entitled masses it can be tough to stay motivated. Learn from my experience how to maintain your sanity along with your code. I'll give some tips and tricks for structuring your project, fostering a positive attitude, growing your community and dealing with guilty feelings when you can't keep up with all the noise.