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List of Events

Here is a list of event, includes speaker session and other intermediate slots (e.g. lunch):

Speed up your Analytics Projects using Delta Lake on Azure

Delta Lake 是一個開源項目,可以在現有存儲系統(例如 ADLS 和 HDFS)之上構建 Lakehouse 架構,並與 Apache Spark API 完全兼容。 Delta Lake 為您的數據湖帶來 ACID 規範。它提供數據快照,使開發人員能夠查找和恢復到早期版本的數據以進行審計、數據恢復或實驗。實時數據提取、批量數據整合和交互式查詢都能夠開箱即用。Mike Chan 將為我們介紹 Delta Lake 的好處和最近的使用體驗,讓大家能充份發揮不同數據的潛能。

Introducing Quarkus: a supersonic, subatomic Java framework

Quarkus is an open sourced, Kubernetes-native Java framework made for Java virtual machines (JVMs) and GraalVM native compilation. Quarkus is optimized specifically for containers. It greatly minimizes application startup time and memory use, and it provides live coding so that developers can immediately check the effect of code changes in the blink of an eye. With these features, they enable Quarkus to become an effective platform for serverless, cloud and Kubernetes environments. Join this session to have a first look into Quarkus.

Sneak Preview on MySQL Operator for Kubernetes

MySQL High Availability has been around our discussion over years.   It is redundancy and allowing service to be always online.   Kubernetes is one of the hot topics these days.  During the talk, we will share how we can deploy MySQL in Kubernetes.  As standalone pod or deployment or as InnoDB Cluster with Kubernetes.   This is the sneak preview of MySQL Operator for Kubernetes.   Come and join us to share your idea.

Building online technical community in the era of COVID-19 / 疫情時代我經歷的線上技術社群經營

It’s hard to arrange community events after COVID-19 pandemic. But there is still a strong need to gather, to share, and to learn from other developers. In this talk, I will share our experiences of how to build the Koltin community online in Taiwan from 2019 to present. The topics will be about how we arrange study jams, how we run workshops, how we build a team to attend competitions, how we connect companies to become a league, and the most important, how we grow the community and the lesson learned.

Embedded Linux on RISC-V with BeagleV, Yocto and OpenEmbedded

BeagleV is the first affordable RISC-V development board capable of running Linux distributions. RISC-V is a new computer architecture with an open instruction set which creates multiple new opportunities.

In this talk we will explore a beta version of BeagleV and learn how to get started with it. Using the Yocto Project, OpenEmbedded and appropriate board support package (BSP) we will build a simple Linux distribution from scratch and boot it on the device. The presentation will provide exact steps and quick introduction to Yocto and OpenEmbedded.