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List of Events

Here is a list of event, includes speaker session and other intermediate slots (e.g. lunch):

Drug Icon CC:藥物圖標 Creative Commons

Drug labels in Hong Kong are mainly presented in words. Elderly or ethnic minorities might find it difficult to fully understand them. The carers need to spend extra time explaining and handwriting remarks to ensure medication adherence. 

We took reference from other places’ prescription labels and designed a set of unified Drug Icons, which can be stuck on the medicine packages to visualise the prescription notes for easier understanding. 

'Open Source Culture' in the CGI & VFX Industry

This presentation will provide an overview of The Academy Software Foundation ( and their impacts on the visual effects and animation industry around the globe. Moreover, there are local software developers who contributed to the Hong Kong's original digital Ink-painting and animation creations. The speaker aims to reveal a couples of CGI Ink-painting and animations made from these Hong Kong software tools.

I write my own web desktop OS for 3 years and this is what it looks like now 用了三年時間寫網頁桌面作業系統的故事

This will be a short talk mentioning the updates of the Open ArozOS project I shared in last year's conference. The share will include the story of transitioning a project from PHP based to Golang based, a newly open sourced ESP8266 powered IoT control system for prototyping and some new development concepts that involving PWA technology using ArozOS as the backend. If there are excess time, I might also discuss the design advantage when developing complex system using Web Desktop UI instead of the traditional Dashboard UI.

HK Independent Bus ETA - Ad-free App for Bus Estimated Time of Arrival

A significant number of people prefer road transport instead of the rail one. Providently, the number of express bus routes is increasing over the years, while some of their service time is limited to the rush hours. Estimated time of arrival (ETA) can definitely help one's traffic planning in different user cases, e.g., waiting 10 more minutes for the express route or taking a just-in-time long journey bus.