Continuous Delivery in Cloud Native Infrastructure

Cloud Native Infrastructure is a very popular topic nowadays. It enabled empower organizations to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments and also enabled engineers to make high-impact changes frequently.

In this talk, I will show how HK01 SRE team transformed the legacy infrastructure into modern continuous delivery infrastructure backed by container ecosystem with Kubernetes, serving news contents and services to its 9M+ audience.

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Developers, also with knowledge in container tech.


Dick Tang

Mr. TANG Chung Pan (aka. Dick Tang) is a software engineer, specializing in both backend development and infrastructure architecture.

Dick is currently the Director of DevOps at HK01, one of the leading new media in Hong Kong. He is leading his team building various backend infrastructure and improving development workflow to better serve the expanding products and the rapidly growing user traffic.

Before joining HK01, Dick was a Service Engineer at 9GAG, helping 9GAG move fast with stable and reliable backend infrastructure system. He has built various backend systems, including continuous integration pipeline, ETL data pipeline infrastructure and Kubernetes container-based cluster.

Dick is an advocater of open source software (OSS). As a developer, he has contributed to open source software projects including php-memcached and Mozilla project SOPS.

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Hong Kong
Open Source Hong Kong
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