Running Cloud Native Application with MySQL for Kubernetes

Microservices decouple services which allow more self-contained work and require data store with more handy deployment. Kubernetes is one of the best ways orchestrating/deploying services including MySQL Database. Cloud Native Applications running with data which requires reliability and resilience. In the session, we will explore the use of MySQL Operator for Kubernetes working with Cloud Native Application under K8s deployment. It provides the HA model for MySQL and Application working closely with K8s ExternalName Kind service to address to MySQL routing service.

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Ivan Ma

Ivan Ma has over 20+ years with IT technologies around Databases, Infrastructure and projects development. He is leading the Hong Kong MySQL User Group. His career starts as developer from IBM TSO, S/36, AS/400, COBOL, RPG and as Consultant/Principal Solution Architect in Sybase for over 10 years. He joined Oracle from the Sun Microsystems acquisition and now he is working in MySQL Team as Principal Solutions Engineer.

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