Jeremy Cheng

Jeremy Cheng is an open source enthusiast, technologist, serial entrepreneur, and former corporate executive with 20+ years of industry experience across both the United States and the Greater China Region. He has been fascinated with open source technologies since the early 1990’s and led countless open source technology adoption initiatives in the past for organizations of a wide range of nature and sizes.

Jeremy is currently the principal at Dragon Ventures, an international consultancy specialized in technology adoption, project management, fund raising, and cross border GTM strategy. He’s also the founder and principal architect of 3DF, a Hong Kong based IT Ops and DevOps consultancy, and MXI, a US based international management consultancy with over 300 contractors across the globe. Prior to his recent entrepreneurial endeavors, he led a team of senior and principal engineers in managing all of Microsoft’s R&D datacenters and its internal DevOps services worldwide.

Aside from Microsoft, he previously served as the Director of IT at Imagekind, Inc., and was actively involved in IT management strategy, business operations, web applications architecture, DevOps, and implementations. During his time with Imagekind, he was instrumental in Imagekind’s exit when it was acquired by Cafepress, Inc in 2008. Before Imagekind, Jeremy was the Technical Services Manager for a Seattle based security solutions provider, where he managed the IT infrastructure and network-based enterprise security management systems in both production and development environments; a product used by the FBI, US Navy, WSDOT, Global Crossing, Pemco Insurance, and Holland America.

Jeremy began his career during the "IT bubble" in the 90's focusing on computer networks and integrated systems. He holds a BS in Informatics and a BA in Economics from the University of Washington. He also holds a certificate for Information Assurance and Cyber Security from the University of Washington and is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Solutions Architect Associate.

Country / Region
Hong Kong
Principal, Dragon Ventures