Decentralized Bare-Metal Operating System Provisioning

The EZIO Project proposes a reasonably efficient P2P soultion to deploy bare-metal operating system based on open source software technologies, such as libtorrent-rasterbar and CloneZilla. In this talk, we will discuss the difficult situation of bare-metal deployment in HPC or Cloud, and the performance, reliability and flexibility improvements on existing technologies, such as CloneZilla Multicast Mode.

EZIO has integrated in CloneZilla to provide 1-to-many bare-metal system provisioning on-the-fly, and tested successfully in HPC.

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Yu-Chiang Huang (黃宇強)

Founder, DozenCloud Project

Yu-Chiang Huang is the student for master degree from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, and also the founder of DozenCloud Project, ARM VPS Project. He fouces on porting OpenStack to ARM64 and Peer-to-Peer bare-metal system provisioning in HPC. Working on building a ARMv8 IaaS and CloneZilla Bittorrent Mode.

Speaking Experience: OpenStack Day Taiwan 2016-2017, Open Source Summit North America 2017

Country / Region
Taiwan, Taichung
DozenCloud Project