How to Implement an Email Subscription and Delivery System - Using COSCUP Newsletter Subscription as an Example

This session will guide you through the process of building a comprehensive email subscription and delivery system, starting from domain and email configuration. We will discuss how to establish a subscription system, verify unique accounts, effectively manage subscriber lists, set up email tracking, create email templates, perform bulk sending, and avoid bouncebacks and related issues.

This session uses the monthly COSCUP newsletter as an example. As COSCUP events no longer require registration and are open to anyone, there is a need to establish an email newsletter subscription service. You may wonder why you should build your own system instead of using existing online email delivery services. We will explain this question in detail during this session.

Note: The project is still being organized and is expected to be made public before COSCUP 2023.

  • Technology breakdown: 60% (AWS SES, Python, Celery, RabbitMQ)
  • Process overview: 30% (subscription, copywriting, email template creation, sending, list maintenance)
  • Pro tips: 10% (email tracking, unsubscribe handling, etc.)


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Toomore Chiang

I am currently the Head of the Administrative Team for COSCUP 2023, responsible for volunteer-related matters each year. The administrative team has developed two main systems: the Volunteer Service Platform and the Newsletter Subscription System. We aim to improve administrative efficiency and assist other teams in enhancing their performance, enabling the annual organizing team to act swiftly.  The Administrative Team is currently divided into three task groups: General Affairs, Development, and Recruitment. For more detailed information, please refer to the Administrative Team introduction.

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