Playing with Raspberry Pi - looking into the use case and play by yourself

Raspberry Pi already know well and many of you now using for your DIY hobbies and business. Do you are having fun playing with it/Is Raspberry Pi useful for your business? Masafumi will give a talk with a couple of use cases, demonstrate some of Raspberry Pi DIY gadgets and discuss what the use case is good to apply your DIY hobby/business projects.

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People who are interested in Raspberry Pi. It is for not only those using Raspberry Pi but also those who haven't tried Raspberry Pi yet but love to play for your DIY hobby/business projects. I will bring some Raspberry Pi gadgets for demonstrate and play with the the attendees (usb micro/C cables and PC needed )


Masafumi Ohta

Masafumi is now leading the Raspberry Pi community in Japan and has been 'officially' volunteering at Raspberry Pi Foundation/Trading since 2012 from the farthest eastern country - 'Japan.' Now, he moderates the Japanese language category on Raspberry Pi's official forum and helping their business not only in Japan but also in Asian areas ( Taiwan, China Mainland, and Korea ). and Masafumi is teaching 'OpenSource License'  at a major Japanese University so that younger developer (students) could deal/understand its license correctly. For more information, please visit his website https:/

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Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group
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