Proven software development workflows the OSS way, for your growing business

Many aspiring businesses in various industries need to make use of software as they grow. Open source software development workflows generally allows businesses to keep costs low, are scalable and are also proven to work across different locations, cultures and timezones. In this talk, Gary aims to share the importance of having a good software coding foundation for your business, especially if the business is not purely software-focused. He will share essential parts of a coding foundation that even the tech giants use, thus you can be rest assured of their proven scalability.

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Startup companies, entrepreneurs aiming to expand their business

Gary Kwong

Gary Kwong has been involved in open source for over 20 years. He was part of Mozilla as a volunteer, intern, full-time employee for almost 9 years, and even as security bug hunter hall-of-famer for subsequent years. Gary lived for an extensive period of time in the San Francisco Bay Area where he had personal knowledge on how large tech giants operated and close contacts with the tech talent there that coalesced from the rest of the world. He speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese fluently and now runs his own software consultancy business based out of Vancouver, Canada, specializing in helping clients based in Asia.

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