Raspberry Pi history, tips and use case

Raspberry Pi is now 6 years old, there are several tips and use cases.it was born for kids programming education, though, it is now also used for electric DIY hobbies, industrial use, Edge Computing, IoT and more. Masafumi will talk Raspberry Pi history and latest updates and discuss several its use cases and tips for our business and daily use.
Here is the detailed description:

Raspberry Pi histories, tips and use case

What is Raspberry Pi

1.Raspberry Pi history
1.1 The opportunity at programming education in latest kids generation
1.2 Concept of Raspberry Pi
1.3 Release in 2012 and now
1.4 Related vendors (resellers) encourage Raspberry Pi market.
1.5 Review its effects and results
1.6 Road maps and future
2.Raspberry Pi models
2.1 Raspberry Pi 1
2.2 Raspberry Pi 1+
2.3 Raspberry Pi 2
2.4 Raspberry Pi 2 (v1.2)
2.5 Raspberry Pi 3
2.6 Raspberry Pi 3+
2.7 compare other card-sized board machines

Raspberry Pi tips

3.Tips you should know
3.1 look inside hardware
3.2 check inside software
3.3 check inside related license and etc to sell your Raspberry Pi embedded products.
3.4 other useful tips you should check

Raspberry Pi use case

4.Learn from its use case
4.1 Not only for kids but also young engineers
4.2 Small and speedy starts gain your business with Raspberry Pi
4.3 Prototype and production
4.4 Daily DIY hobby expand your life



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Masafumi Ohta

Masafumi is leading Raspberry Pi community in Japan and volunteering at Raspberry Pi Foundation from farthest east country, Japan,.He has helping their business and encourage Raspberry Pi related projects with Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Masafumi has elected ARM INNOVATOR by ARM+Hackster.io because of his vivid activities with Raspberry Pi in Japan.

Masafumi has also been contributing many other OpenSource projects, He has elected Active User Contributor for OpenStack Foundation because of his project at a big-name automotive company in Japan and he also organizes CLSx Tokyo to discuss community leadership and issue.

Masafumi lately has started collaboration with ASUS to enhance their Tinkerboard using original Rockchip kernel on it

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Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group