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Here is a list of event, includes speaker session and other intermediate slots (e.g. lunch):

Let's Fix The Internet

The Internet today is plagued by many problems. From viruses and spam, to identity theft and piracy.

We can solve those problems.

With a virtual operating system that runs the cloud, using blockchains to secure identities and data, a virtual network layer to protect agains unauthorized network access, and a virtual machine to sandbox untrusted code.

This talk will describe Elastos, an Operating System for the smart web.

It will explore the approach that Elastos takes to achieve these goals, and gives a vision of a possible future internet.

Haxe as a better JavaScript: a practical guide for making front end development fun, fast and less overwhelming

"JavaScript Fatigure" is real. In the last 5 years JS has moved from being something used to progressively enhance a web page, to being the driving engine that powers entire web apps. And as we try to do more with JavaScript, we need more tooling. Webpack, Babel, CSS Modules and type checking. And we needed more frameworks: we went from jQuery everywhere to Backbone, Angular, React and Redux and MobX and Preact and more. It some point, it got really, really complex, hard to get started, easy to break, and less fun to build.