Raspberry Pi R3 - Scalable High Availability MySQL InnoDB Cluster and Apache Kafka® Distributed Streaming Platform - Resiliency Testing

Demonstrating "Real World Clustering and Distributed Processing Platform Scale-up"  technologies on a small scale and budget. Use Open Source technology and middleware to "model and mimic" high cost distributed clustered and/or supercomputer style architectures. Bench Test and manage and test Resiliency in clustered environments on "Real Physical Hardware" that virtualisation may never truly emulate.... and it's Fun!!!

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Target Audience
MySQL Dev/Admin, Linux Admin/Dev, Kafka, Raspberry Pi Enthusiasts
Audience Requriement

Requires Hardware and OS / Application level understanding.

Linux Server/MySQL/Apache installation, and configuration. Physical creation of Raspberry Pi multi-blade cluster.  NAS, DHCP, Basic router/networking/firewall configuration.


Karl Ring

Senior Database Management Lead. Database and Linux Administration,  Automation, Installation, Configuration,  Performance Tuning, Backup & Recovery,  and Management specialist. Specializing in large corporate environment management within Banking, Finance, Warehousing, & Telecommunications industrial sectors. 

Country / Region
Hong Kong
HKOUG - Hong Kong Oracle User Group (Committee Member)