Start using the Kubernetes Gateway API now rather than Ingress

Have you been struggling to set up network load balancing and managing web traffic in Kubernetes?

The Ingress API in Kubernetes seems to be too basic and not expressive enough to help you accomplish what you need. You may end up with many downstream implementation details in your configuration that are not portable. It gets even more complicated when you have developers, operators and network engineers working on the same shared configuration.

It is time to learn about the future and better way of doing all these with the new Gateway API. In this session we will explore the concept and get to see some advanced features and use cases.

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Tommy Tse

Tommy is a Customer Solutions Architect from Google Cloud helping customers to become more agile in delivering transformational business results. He has held various technical roles in solution architecture and software engineering within large enterprises and boutique solution partners over the past 15 years. He has been helping organisations in designing scalable digital solutions and enabling their teams to adopt cloud native architectures and modern software delivery practices.

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