Matter matters! A brief intro to the new smart home standard and how Home Assistant supports it

In HKOSCon 2022, we discussed how Home Assistant could help to bridge the gaps between smart home products from different camps with local control in mind. We touch-based on the emerging yet promising Matter standard that hoped to resolve a lot of the interpretability challenges of different smart home ecosystems. One year on, products that comply with the Matter standard start to appear, and Home Assistant has also evolved to provide better support for Matter products. In this session, we will discuss the Matter standard and how it works, the pros and cons of using Matter products on a particular ecosystem (Google / Apple / Amazon) versus connecting them all to Home Assistant, and how you shall plan for your investments of smart home products in the coming year.

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Show interest and brief understanding of smart home products. Experience of using at least one smart home product (e.g. even just a smart light bulb) would be preferred.

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